Some of the most iconic plates to go with their owner, private plates aren’t just for boy racers, they can be for anyone from celebrities to sports personalities.

A 1 number plate has to be the most significant number in circulation even more so than the £7m “1” number plate, this doesn’t even have a price tag, it was released over 100 years ago.

Image Source Nice Reg 

BOX111G – A true champion deserves to be recognized in and out of the ring, so it’s no wonder that Boxing Champ, Amir Khan drives around with this eye catching plate.

Image source: Piston Heads

C0M1C – Just in case we forgot why Jimmy Tarbuck will always be in our hearts he has a number plate to go with his qualities. This number plate was released in the early 60s,  Jimmy managed to grab the number plate from the day it was released.

 Image source: Sell My Number Plate

100 VJ – The infamous football legend had to make sure you could recognize his car with this unique plate. Who knew Vinnie Jones had a soft spot and got his wife a matching plate, “99 TJ”.

 Image source: Reg Transfers

NAS 1 – Amir Khan doesn’t seen to be the only boxer with a passion for private plates, Prince Nasseem also has a personalised plate for his Mercedez, he may not be a professional boxer but you will recognize him and his car where ever he is.

Image source: Platewave

S8RRY – You may have seen this plate around the UK, but the owner may not be as obvious as the rest. This is owned by singing sensation Robbie Williams. The sorry behind this plate is that Robbie was sorry to his fans for spending so much on his Ferrari.

Image source: Platewave

7 SM & SM 7 – As a humble title sometimes he is described as “The greatest driver never to win the World Championship”, Sir Stirling Moss, has been well renowned for his driving career, but he also has a large collection of private plates two of which are “7 SM” & “SM 7”, both of these plates have been owned since the 60s but neither are on a vehicle currently.

 Image source: Platewave

MR D1Y – Tommy Walsh is another celebrity that his number plate matches his traits, he really is Mr DIY, as he first came onto our screens with Ground force but continued his handyman career with many other tv shows. No matter where he parks you’ll know a handyman is close by.

Image source: Reg Transfers

AMS 1 – This iconic plate was famously recognized from the motivational tv show which turned budding entrepreneurs into icons of the business world. The famous AMS 1 really bought the Alan Sugar charisma to life and quickly became very noticeable.

I think these plates match these people quite well, and really represent them. Send in any plates you have seen that really match their owners.

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