Why Our Showplates Are Superior To Other Cheap Number Plates

These days the internet is the go to place for motorists looking to get a great deal on a range of car parts and modifications, often components can be bought far cheaper online that they can from a physical store, largely due to the fact that most internet based retailers have far lower overheads than [...]

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Ten Of The Uk’s Best Roads For Driving Pleasure

If you really enjoy the pleasures of driving, there are plenty of impressive roads in the United Kingdom that are waiting to offer you unforgettable experiences throughout the year. Some of these roads include: 1. Horncastle to Louth This road connects the market towns of Louth and Horncastle in the Lincolnshire Wolds, an Area of [...]

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How The New Number Plates System Works

The new number plates system, which has been used in Great Britain since September 2001, is made up of two letters, followed by two numbers which are followed by three letters. The seven digit format is further broken down into area code, followed by age identifier followed by three random letters that make the number [...]

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How to Repair Kerbed Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheels look great, but are easily scuffed, spoiling their finish. If you're in this position, you could buy new alloys, but there is a very good chance you will damage them sooner or later. A much better option is to restore them, and here's how. Remove the Tyres It's best do all four wheels [...]

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Do Something A Little Different This Valentines Day – Get Her A Romantic Number Plate

Lets be honest, a number plate is not one of the first ideas that pops to mind when considering what to buy the love of your life for valentines day. But all that is set to change as the DVLA seek to cash in on the event by releasing a collection of romantic registrations. If, [...]

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DVLA Wages War on Rude Number Plates

The DVLA has a long history of blocking personalised number plates that spell out insulting or vulgar words. Every year, the agency's committee sits down to vet registration numbers that are potentially offensive before the plates are released. The team evaluates different combinations of letters and numbers to find out whether any of them portray [...]

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Is Your Number Plate Design Road Legal?

There are many reasons you may want or need to replace the number plate on your vehicle. It may be that you have just purchased a personalised vehicle registration number and need to put this on your vehicle, or that your old number plate has become worn, or damaged in a collision. If your number [...]

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Eight Of The Most Prestigious Cars On Earth

We all dream about owning an incredible car that will turn heads wherever we go. But what if that dream suddenly became a reality and the most expensive and prestigious cars in the world became affordable? Here is just a sample of what would be available at $1million and over. 1. Maybach Exelero Image By: [...]

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Show Car Number Plates & Other Essentials For Your Competition Car

Show cars have to be presented in their best light, and that means leaving absolutely nothing to chance. There are thousands of parts on any car that you can personalise and modify to your hearts content, including, but not limited to custom show car number plates. The following list of mod's is a great place [...]

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The Worlds Most Expensive Number Plates

Ever wondered what the worlds most expensive number plates are worth? The current world record for a private number plate is held by the number plate "1".

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