Frequently Asked Questions


Are your replacement number plates road legal?
Yes, are legal number plates are road legal. They meet all the requirements on road legal plates including company name and post code, bs number, reflective compliant and meet all size and font government regulations.


Do you number plates already have you holes drilled?
No, as different cars and bikes have different set ups for where the holes go, the number plates don’t come pre-drilled. However if your not handy with a drill, we have you covered… our fitting kits come complete with two options. The ‘no drilling’ option uses out ultra strong purpose built sticky pads which is incredibly easy to implement and highly reliable, and a drill and screw option, with the standard screws and caps you need to do the job.


Whats contained in the fitting kit
Our fitting kits have everything you need to fix a number plate to your car…
– 6 double sided sticky pads
– 2 black screw caps
– 2 yellow screw caps
– 4 coated self-tapping screws
– 2 white screw caps

Fitting kits are made available to you after you add your plates to basket


How much is delivery?
We offer a range of postage services to suit your needs. Delivery services and costs are as follows
Standard Tracked £5.75
Next Day Tracked £9.99
International Postage via Royal Mail £14.99

How can I contact you?
If you have any questions please contact us at


Do you ship outside the UK?
Absolutely, our international delivery option is £14.99


What are Show Plates exactly?
Show Plates are used for a variety of things. There great when you really want to make your car or bike look really slick. Some examples include using them at show rooms, second hand car lots, racing events, car and bike show events, for decorative reasons (hang on your wall?), fun gifts, off road events, car competitions.


Do you provide replacement number plates?
Yes, we provide legal replacements for your current number plates. If your current plates have been damaged in an accident or faded from the weather, you will need to replace them to avoid a MOT failure. Select Road legal in the plate maker form and you’ll be able to use these plates on the road.


Do you sell personalised registration numbers?
No, we do not offer the reg numbers themselves, we are a plate manufacturer. Purchasing personalised registration numbers is a seperate service. We can however produce plates for your personalised reg number in any style you like using our online plate maker.


What badges are available on your plates?
Yes, we have a large selection of badges to choose from, all the flags, all the country names… GB, UK, Scotland, Wales, in all combinations. Simply select from the our easy to use plate maker.


What border options are there?
We have a range of border colours to choose from including black, light grey, orange, pink, purple, red, blue, green, grey. We also have a range of thickness options for your border. Whatever your individual style, we have plenty of choice.


What are the font options for road legal plates
As per regulations we offer the 4 main registration fonts. These are Standard Charles Wright, Carbon, Highline, and 3D fonts. You also have lots of other font options avialable to you if you choose the ‘Show Plate’ option.


What number plate sizes do you offer?
We offer a huge range of plate sizes for both bike and car. Please see the plate size section on our online plate maker form for all the options