How to Fit your Number Plates to your vehicle

GB show plates recommends you purchase a fitting kit with your new show plates.

You will be offered one of our fitting kits as soon as you have created your show plate on the plate builder. This will be added to your order and will be dispatched at the same time as your new show plates.

You will receive the following items in your kit.

  • 6 double sided sticky pads
  • 4-coated self-tapping screws
  • 2 black screw caps
  • 2 white screw caps
  • 2 yellow screw caps

We always recommend that wherever possible these kits are used rather than drilling a hole in the plates. By using the double-sided stick pads there is no need to drill the plate and therefore no tools are required.

How to fit show plates using double sided sticky pads

Number Plate Fixing Kit

To fit your number plate apply the double-sided sticky pads to the rear of the plate exactly as we have shown in the above diagram. Make sure you get the plate positioning correct first time, as the pads are incredibly sticky. If you do drill and screw your plates then it is always recommended you drill the plates from the back. Whilst drilling always ensure the plate is held firmly in place.