Show cars have to be presented in their best light, and that means leaving absolutely nothing to chance. There are thousands of parts on any car that you can personalise and modify to your hearts content, including, but not limited to custom show car number plates. The following list of mod's is a great place to start with any custom show car because these items will earn you serious brownie points with most custom category competition judges.

Alloy Wheels

Adding a decent set of wheels is one of the easiest ways to modify any car. A great set of alloys can make an ordinary looking family car appear sporty and aggressive, particularly if low profile tyres are wrapped around the rims and the wheels are pushed up into the wheel arches. There's no hard and fast rule with what design of alloy looks best because there's so much choice out there. Multi-spoke alloy wheels can be a simple and classic design or they can be something a bit more adventurous that will turn heads. You could powder coat them to match or contrast with the exterior paintwork. Whatever you choose, the best thing about the wheels on a show car is that they can be changed quickly and easily.

Custom Paint Job

This is an area where your show car can be modified to make it stand out from the competition. It's a lot more permanent than changing the wheels, but it will make a bigger impact if you get it right. A custom paint job could be a two-tone finish or something as audacious as a pearlescent coating, but it doesn't have to be. An usual colour for the car could set it off nicely when it's on display, or your custom paint job could simply renew the original finish.

Engine Dress Up

If the exterior's impressive enough to make people want more, they'll look under the bonnet and expect to find the same sort of perfection. An engine dress up kit isn't just a nice finishing touch, it's an important part of showing a car. If your car can handle it, why not chrome the engine and renew the rusty and greasy bolts and fasteners with newly polished parts. You could replace parts like the throttle body bolts, the inlet manifold, engine mount bolts and the inner wing and front panel bolts with fresh components that are readily available, pretty cheap and easy to fit. Check out the Automotive Directory to find specialist suppliers.


Adding anything from spot lights to neon underbody lights can make a massive difference to your car. Adding a neon cathode tube to the interior of the car could show off the cabin or it could be used to highlight the sound system stored in the boot space. A neon on the underside of the car though is a lot less subtle and is one of the ultimate mods you can make to any vehicle. A neon underbody light could be orange, blue, purple or any other single colour. An LED glowing underbody lighting system could also be multi-coloured. The strips are flexible and waterproof, shock resistant and strong, so once installed they will light up the underside of the car for a long time. Most come with a wireless keychain remote and although they offer a bright light they're designed for low energy consumption.

Show Car Number Plates

This is a finishing touch that will push your car apart from anything similar at the show. A custom show car number plate could be a vintage style plate with silver lettering on a black background if you'd like to emphasize the car's age. Alternatively It could be a small square plate, similar to those seen on motorbikes, if that fits the new look you've created for your vehicle. Alternatively, you could design your showplates with a really outrageous font if that will help enhance the look you've created with the rest of the car.